Holly Eden Carson, M.A., L.P.C., L.C.S.W.

Life Coaching

Embracing Possibilities

“You can trust the promise of this new opening; unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning.” – John O’Donohue

Holly offers life coaching to adult women who have already achieved a foundation of healing, and are now ready to work on future goals and possibilities. Life-coaching is a transformational, and creative process, that assists you in creating a compelling vision for your life, and developing an effective action plan to achieve it. The coaching relationship creates a safe place to re-discover your dreams, strengths, values, needs, and then press the reset button to move forward toward meaningful goals. Coaching offers clients support, structure, and accountability as they work toward these endeavors. Coaching differs from therapy in that it is not focused on healing or treating psychological conditions or disorders, but focused on the future, personal growth and professional development, and moving forward with clarity.

Holly’s mission as a life coach is to empower and facilitate the personal growth of women, helping them step into their full potential, and live more consciously, with intention and purpose. As a coach, she endeavors to inspire women to whole-heartedly live their highest vision and soul’s purpose.

Some of the areas clients work on in life coaching include:

Work-Life Balance

Developing Purpose and Meaning

Developing a Compelling Life Vision

Strengths, Assessment, and Development

Navigating Important Life Transitions

Creativity Development

Health and Wellness

Designing Strategies for Success

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